Our businesses are under attack. Nobody really knows how to navigate these waters. We have invited thinkers and business leaders to give practical advice how to cope with the challenges we all face.

Who will help
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Business leaders

Tomáš Salomon

Chairman of the
Board & CEO
Česká spořitelna
How to lead and motivate people in times of crisis and uncertainty?

Tania Le Moigne

Director at Google
Czechia, Hungary,
Romania & Slovakia
How to re-focus your team's energy?

Tomáš Havryluk

Vice Chairman of the Board at
How to manage operations during a long-term crisis?

Tanja Vainio

Managing director
ABB Robotics Tier 1
How to guide an international team through unexplored territory?

Strategic minds

Vít Šubert

CEO & Co-founder
Unicorn Attacks
How to shift your approach to business development when your market and strategy change overnight?

Tomáš Šebek

surgeon & digital
health evangelist
How to leverage distance in health care as an advantage and increase your chances of success and survival?

Pavel Šiška

Managing Partner
Deloitte Central Europe
How to shift your perspective and speed up crucial changes within your organization?

Radek Špicar

Vice President at Confederation of Industry
How to use creative solutions in traditional industry?

Creative thinkers

Milan Šemelák

Author of CreateValue & Co-founder Unicorn Attacks
How to remain relevant to your customers?

Yemi AD

CEO & Creative Director
JAD Productions
How to fight panic with creativity?

Petr Rokůsek

Founder & Chariman of
the Board of Directiors Nano Energies
How to keep your long-term vision alive in times when a short-term strategy is crucial?

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